The Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT) is organizing, in the context of its SSHRC-MCRI Project and in collaboration with the CISO, CSQ, CSN and FTQ a symposium on international trade union action. Its purpose is to assess the different initiatives undertaken by labour unions at various levels, be it local, national and international. 

Since the first cooperation and humanitarian programs have been launched, such initiatives have greatly evolved. Nowadays, several union networks exist. We have also witnessed the creation of new tools such as international framework agreements, shareholder engagement, and responsible purchasing policy. While these international actions are highly challenged, they also convey great expectations. An increasing number of unions are involved in building international ties in order to promote and defend workers’ interests. 

This important Symposium will tackle a variety of contemporary relevant issues. What tools and resources are available to unions? How can we build a dialogue between northern and southern countries? How can we enhance workers’ awareness with respect to international trade unionism? How can these actions improve the working conditions here in Canada and abroad? These are some of the questions to be discussed among participants during plenary sessions and workshops. 

About 50 guest speakers and labour leaders from Canada and abroad will share their experiences of international solidarity. Union action without borders is an excellent opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities for building and expanding union solidarity.
Organizing Committee: 

Armel Brice Adanhounme Research Professional, CRIMT
Emmanuelle Champion PhD Candidate, UQAM, CRIMT
Karine Drolet Administrative Coordinator, CRIMT
Mélanie Dufour-Poirier Professor, UQO, CRIMT
Marc-Antonin Hennebert Professor, HEC Montréal, CRIMT
Francine Jacques Projects Coordinator, CRIMT
Christian Lévesque Professor, HEC Montréal, CRIMT
Nicolas Roby Scientfiic Coordinator, CRIMT
Steering Committee: 

Michèle Asselin Coordinator, CISO
Denise Gagnon Directrice du service de la solidarité internationale, FTQ
Richard Langlois Responsable des relations internationales, CSQ
Jacques Létourneau Adjoint au comité exécutif, CSN