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  Un   Deux    
  What do Unions Stand For?

  Unions and Social Movements. The Case of the Quebec Student Movement

  Innovations, Learning, Power  
  Chair : Gregor Murray (University of Montreal)

Michel Arsenault (President, FTQ)
Gil McGowan (President, AFL)
Louise Chabot (President, CSQ)
Philippe Pochet (Director, ETUI)
Chair : Louis-François Brodeur (HEC Montréal)

Farouk Karim (Organizing Director, SEIU Local 2)
Clairandrée Cauchy (Communications Officer, Métallos)
Christian Nadeau (Professor, University of Montreal)
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (Ex. Co-spokesperson, CLASSE)
Yanick Grégoire (Executive vice-president, FEUQ)
Chair : Marc-Antonin Hennebert (HEC Montréal)

Elaine Bernard (LWP, Harvard University)
Jacques Létourneau (President, CSN)
Amaia Muñoa (Assistant General Secretary, ELA)
Sylvain Schetagne (National Director - SEP, CLC)
Jim Stanford (Economist, CAW)

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  Un   Deux    
  Unions and Society

  Strategies and Action
  Identities, Union Life and Democracy  
  Workshop 1.1

What Economic and Industrial Policy? Natural resources, manufacturing and the "Dutch disease"

Workshop 1.2

The Attack on Public Sector Bargaining in the United States and Canada

Workshop 1.3

Unions, Jobs and Skills in the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

Workshop 1.4

The Migration of "Right-to-Work"  in Labour Law
  Workshop 2.1

Comparing Experiences of Unionization: What can be learned from recruitment campaigns?

Workshop 2.2

Multilevel Campaigns: The new union «best practice»?

Workshop 2.3

Politics: What makes for a successful political campaign?

Workshop 2.4

Capacity or Incapacity? The Impact of Mergers and Union Restructuring Projects on Union Renewal

Workshop 2.5

Union Strategies for the Restructuring of Global Value Chains

  Workshop 3.1

What Kind of Unionism for Professional Workers?

Workshop 3.2

Union Change through Young Activists: What are the emerging perspectives?

Workshop 3.3

Women, Work & Unions in the Canadian Cultural Industries

Workshop 3.4

Migrant Workers

Workshop 3.5

Renewing Union Life? The link between members and their union