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One program, two complementary activities!
The CRIMT 2015 International Conference on Institutional Change and Experimentation will take place at HEC Montréal (Montréal, Canada), from Thursday May 21st to Saturday May 23rd. This three-day conference is comprised of two complementary activities. One option is to register for the entire three days (including the two days of Research Exchange); the other is to register only for the middle day, that is the one-day Partners' Forum.

Download the preliminary program Acrobat (version - 15 May 2015)

I. Partners' Forum

The Partners' Forum will take place on Friday May 22nd and seek to assess how social actors construct their economies and communities. It will be comprised of three plenary sessions and twelve forums (detailed in the conference program). Registration for the Partners' Forum Day costs CDN$200 (taxes included), with a special rate of CDN$120 for students, retirees and the unemployed.

This Partners' Forum is about economic and social experimentation for citizens to build their economy and their communities. The objective is to reframe debates about the future of work and employment by bringing together actors and researchers who can share and assess practical examples of institutional experimentation and their implications. The particular focus is on the ability of economic and social actors to engage in that experimentation in particular firms, industries and economic sectors and in particular regions.

Key themes include the ability of industries and regions to connect with international production networks, the ecology of business and innovation systems, the roles for labour market partners and the dialogue and partnerships among those partners, the roles for new forms of capital investment including worker investment funds, and the role of public policy in promoting economic and social progress. Sessions will focus on the tools, resources and competencies that actors require in order to engage in such experimentation; on labour market policy, skills and governance; on the role of democracy, voice, social dialogue and labour protection in achieving better economic and social outcomes.

II. Research Exchange

The institutions regulating work and employment are in a state of flux across the globe. These institutions are out of synch with the realities of the contemporary labour market, failing to meet the challenges of the global financial crisis and the profound transformations of capitalism, and falling short of delivering good results for workers and the communities in which they live. Yet, in many countries, policy makers, corporations, trade unionists and other civil society organizations are seeking to maintain or change existing institutions and there is much experimentation taking place, at the local, sector, regional, national and transnational levels.

These two days of Research Exchange and the three-day conference as a whole (including the one-day Partners' Forum) will feature some of the leading international specialists to explore changes in the institutions of work and employment in various contexts. This international CRIMT conference seeks a better understanding of experimental practices and policies developed by a range of actors at different levels, and to provide an assessment of their social and economic impact. It also seeks to understand how existing institutions facilitate or hinder change and how and why institutions fade away or prevail over time and in different contexts. Over the three days of the conference, five plenary sessions, thirty-six workshops and twelve interactive forums, drawing on a wide variety of researchers and actors from the world of work, will focus on institutional experimentation likely to reduce inequalities, improve working conditions, reduce asymmetries of power between actors, and create more inclusive, democratic and participative solutions for shaping the future of the world of work and employment.

How to register

The Registration for the one-day Partners' Forum (Friday May 22nd only) or the three-day conference as a whole (from Thursday May 21st to Saturday May 23rd, including the Partners' Forum Day) can be done through the Registration Portal. Please note that the number of places is limited and that planning for the lunches provided with the price of registration requires advance registration.