Migration, Agencies and Minimum Standards for Domestic Work

Catharina Calleman
Regulation of Domestic Work in the Eyes of Human Rights Watch – the Case of Sweden, Department of Law, Umeå University


Catharina Calleman is an assistant professor in the Department of Law, University of Umeå, Sweden. She teaches labour law and does research on both general labour law issues and issues with a gender perspective. Her doctoral thesis, ‘Seniority rules by dismissal’ (1999), concerned the application of seniority rules in the Swedish Employment Protection Act. In 2005 she started a research project named Labour Law in the twilight zone between Private Law and Public Law. This project had the purpose to analyze how different interests were balanced against each other in the regulation of care work performed in private homes according to the Social Services Act and the Act on Support and Service to certain Disabled Persons. The investigation concerned the limits of labour law to work performed within family relations, to self-employment and different allowances. This work has resulted in, among others, a book titled ‘A real job? - on the regulation of household services.’ Ongoing research concerns Au Pair Work in the Nordic Countries.

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