Migration, Agencies and Minimum Standards for Domestic Work

Nisha Varia
Sweeping Changes?’ A Review of Recent Reforms on
Protections for Migrant Domestic Workers in Asia and the Middle East
, Human Rights Watch

Nisha Varia is Senior Researcher in Human Rights Watch’s Women's Rights Division. Human Rights Watch is an international nongovernmental organization working in more than 80 countries, and Nisha’s work includes field research, raising awareness and pressure through the media, and advocacy with governments and multilateral institutions. Nisha has authored several reports including: “As if I am not Human”: Abuses against Asian Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia (July 2008), Maid to Order: Ending Abuses against Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore (December 2005), and Help Wanted: Abuses against Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Indonesia and Malaysia (July 2004).

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