Migration, Agencies and Minimum Standards for Domestic Work

Sarah van Walsum
The (Non)Regulation of Domestic Work in the Netherlands, Faculty of Law, VU University Amsterdam


Sarah van Walsum was born in Canada. She received her BA in History and French at Middlebury College, Vermont, her Law degree at the University of Amsterdam and her Phd. at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The topic of her doctoral thesis was Dutch immigration law and transnational family obligations. She has worked for the Clara Wichmann Institute (Academic Institute for Women and the Law) as a policy officer and, later, as a free-lance legal researcher; and as a senior clerk in the Circuit Court of Amsterdam. Her current research includes an EU sponsored comparative research project on the position of migrant domestic workers in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland: “Migration and Networks of Care in Europe”. She is also involved in two other research projects: one on migration and national, international and transnational regulation of social security: “Cross border welfare state”, the other on “Transnational Child Raising arrangements between Ghana and the Netherlands”.

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