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    CRIMT has its own videoconferencing facilities at the University of Montreal, Université Laval, HEC Montreal and McGill University. These allow for the establishment of videoconferences in ‘point to point’ (a transmitter site and a remote site) and ‘multipoints’ (a transmitter site and up to nine remote sites) modes, and promotes collaborative work on single documents, courtesy of a data exchange system in real time (‘Smartboard’).

Each installed suite of equipment (a dedicated room at University of Montreal, and three ‘roll-about’ carts at Laval, HEC and McGill) includes a Sony PCS-XG80 HD videoconference codec which allows for the setting up, via an IP link (ISDN not available), of conferences in high definition (1080i), one (HEC and McGill) or two HD robotic cameras (Montreal and Laval), two HD monitors, a sound reinforcement system and an interactive Smart whiteboard. These systems are interoperable (Polycom, Tandberg, LifeSize) and allow not only for the establishment of conferences between Quebec co-researchers (in CRIMT units), but also with colleagues in other locations, in Quebec and beyond

Although the priority for use rests with the members of CRIMT, on request, the Centre regularly lends this equipment to non-member colleagues of affiliated units. Access is managed by a designated Centre representative (see below) at each university.

NOTE: If you are planning to hold a videoconference with one or the other CRIMT sites, please contact the person responsible. Once the date and time are agreed upon, (including, if necessary, conducting a test), he or she will ask you to complete the form at the bottom of the page, specifying the technical characteristics of your system (or your systems, in the case of multipoint connections) as well as the name and contact information of the technician(s) or person(s) responsible.
    University of Montreal      
    Codec: Sony PCS-XG80 HD
Standards: H323 / H239
IP Address:
Type of system: Installed / Capacity: 8 seated persons

    Université Laval      
    Codec: Sony PCS-XG80 HD
Standards: H323 / H239
IP Address:
Type of system: Roll-about / Capacity: 40 seated persons
    HEC Montréal      
    Codec: Sony PCS-XG80 HD
Standards: H323 / H239
Adresse IP : non-divulgée
Type of system: Roll-about / Capacity: 12 seated persons
    McGill University      
    Codec: Sony PCS-XG80 HD
Standards: H323 / H239
Adresse IP :
Type of system: Roll-about / Capacity: 65 seated persons
    Form - Technical characteristics of your distant system(s)      

In case of multipoint connections, please insert a slash (/) between each entry.

IP Address(es) :
Codec(s) :   Model(s) :
Protocol H239 :
Technician(s) or person(s) responsible :
Email :   
Phone :   
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