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    CRIMT has its own Webcasting equipment, which allows for the broadcast, via streaming (live) or downloading (on demand), of audio-visual content via the internet. It also provides for the live integration of audio-visual and data content (PowerPoint), and ensures its dissemination and transfer to users, whom have a choice to participate in situ, or, where access is difficult – as in the case of researchers¸ students and partners outside Quebec – through the use of their personal computers. Webcast addresses (towards which participants should aim their Web browsers) will be publicised along with each live events’ announcements.

The suite includes an Accordant HD capture station, a Marshall rackmount monitor and keyboard drawer, a Sony HD video camera (ensuring image capture), a Manfrotto tripod and a set (3) of Shure wireless microphones (with mixer) for sound capture. When streamed live, the content is forwarded to a dedicated streaming server and, when on demand, is deposited on a Web server at Université Laval.
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    5 November 2009 • Research Seminar

Constitutionalizing Labour Rights: Paradox, Peril and Promise

Judy Fudge
Faculty of Law
University of Victoria

Click on image (on the right) to watch the November 5th 2009 Webcasting.
    29 October 2009 • Research Seminar

Les relations industrielles en Europe Centro-Orientale: fin ou extension du modèle social européen ?

Guglielmo Meardi
Warwick Business School
University of Warwick

Click on image (on the right) to watch the October 29th 2009 Webcasting.
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