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Shirley Goldenberg Scholarship Supporters

Ms. Sally Chatfield
Janet Cox and Michael Mackey
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Dryer
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Eisenberg
Dr. Mildred Eisenberg
Mr. Eddie Goldenberg
Shirley Goldenberg
Mr. Martin Kantor and Mr. Horacio Ramirez Barbe
The Hon. Fred Kaufman and Mrs. Donna Kaufman
Shirley Goldenberg, in honor of the Hon. Fred Kaufman and Mrs. Donna Kaufman’s 50th wedding anniversary
Dr. Marion Lynn
Gilda Mahabir
Rachel Manley
Ms. Catherine Mitchell
Gregor Murray
Chau Nguyen, Simon Murray & Maï Murray
Daphne Taras and Allen Ponak
Mr. and Mrs. John Rae
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Traub-Werner
Dr. Blossom Wigdor and Dr. Clayton Switzer

Mr. Harry Arthurs
Elizabeth Dunlop
Mr. Stanley Bergman
Mr. and Mrs. John Haney
Mrs. Renée Welling
Shirley Goldenberg, in memory of Penny Arthurs

In honour of Shirley Goldenberg’s 95th, 96th, 97th and (more recently) 98th birthdays

Miriam Dryer
Beatrice Traub-Werner
Ms. Sally Chatfield
Ms. Georgia Sievwright and Mr. Johnnie-Mike Irving
Chau Nguyen and Gregor Murray
Ms. Virginia Rae and Mr. Michael Peterson
Ms. Lita-Rose Betcherman
Ms. Jennifer Rae
Mildred, Eric
and Joni Eisenberg
Elizabeth Dunlop
Ms. Soledad Cardona-Maldonado

We also wish to thank other donors who have contributed anonymously.

Thank you for supporting this initiative!