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  Union Futures: What's at Stake?

  Where Do We Go From Here: How does action inform research and research, action?

  Chair: Christian Lévesque (HEC Montréal)

Gregor Murray (University of Montreal)
Kim Voss (University of California at Berkeley)
Harry Arthurs (Osgoode Hall Law School, York University)
Charlotte Yates (McMaster University)

Frédéric Lerais (IRES)

Christian Lévesque (HEC Montréal)
Janice Fine (Rutgers University)
Pierre-Eric Tixier (Sciences Po Paris)
Adelheid Hege (IRES)

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  Un   Deux    
  The Role of Unions

Workshop 1.1

Unions as Developers, Enablers and Entrepreneurs in Regional Economies

Workshop 1.2

Learning from Union Renewal in the Global South

Workshop 1.3

Unions in the Political Arena

Workshop 1.4

Labour's Voice in Pension Capital

Workshop 1.5

High-performance Workplaces and the Governance of the Firm: New roles for unions?

Workshop 1.6

Labour Standards, Labour Law, Collective Bargaining and Unions: What is to be done?

  Broadening the Scope of Union Representation

  The Dynamics of Union Activism  
    Workshop 2.1

Unions for Whom? Representing Migrant Workers

Workshop 2.2

Cultural Workers, collectivity, collaboration & cooperation

Workshop 2.3

Cultural Labour & Social Citizenship: Problems, Policies & Prospects

Workshop 2.4

New Approaches to Organizing

Workshop 2.5

New Constraints, New Strategies? The impact of changes in employer strategies and labour law

Workshop 2.6

Towards Inclusive Forms of Representation

Workshop 2.7

Trade Union Organizing in the Informal Economy: Research and practice

  Workshop 3.1

Disarticulation and Rearticulation: Strategic and servicing responses to decentralization

Workshop 3.2

Changes in Perception of Opinion and Identification with Unions and their Effects

Workshop 3.3

Union Framing and Imagination

Workshop 3.4

Union Activism and Democracy

Workshop 3.5

In Search of the Holy Grail: Innovation, effectiveness, sustainability in union renewal

Workshop 3.6

Unions and Atypical Employment: Organize, represent, engage
Spacer Strategies for Union Power


  Workshop 4.1

The Politics of Canadian Public Sector Unions

Workshop 4.2

Strategies for Union Power: The SEIU and global-local relations

Workshop 4.3

The Strength of Networks: Intra-union, inter-union and international union effects

Workshop 4.4

Building Power Beyond the Frontiers of US Labour Law

Workshop 4.5

Transnational Solidarity and Bargaining Efficiency in the European Union: Recent developments and challenges for unions

Workshop 4.6

Union Strategies in Production Networks and Value Chains

Workshop 4.7

Cross-border and International Union Alliances