Work and employment have changed radically in recent decades. New information technologies, economic globalization and the rise of neo-liberalism, the massive workforce participation of women, huge disparities between formal and informal labour markets, labour migration and increasing ethnic diversity, the aging of the labour force, and new values regarding work and career as well as the balance between work life and family life are just a few of the changes sweeping the world of work. As a result, there are numerous labour market configurations, where the best and the worst often operate within the same national space.

Organized by the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT), in collaboration with the Canadian Industrial Relations Association (CIRA), this conference focused on a number of key issues relating to employee representation in the new world of work, including: the relevance in today's workplace of the founding principles of different representative systems; how different types of employee representation regimes deal with issues facing the contemporary worker; the emerging models and actors for employee rights and representation; the kinds of public policy, actors, strategies, capabilities and research that are necessary to rethink employee representation in the contemporary workplace.

This site hosts all of the presentations (over 250) delivered at the conference, that is over 130 hours of audio-video content. Presentations are grouped by plenaries (in video) and workshops (some in video, most in audio). To access the content, click on the links below.

Conference Program
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